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Full House: Parents with Kids at Home

Leaders: Clint and Christine Ingram (Room W101)

Open discussion and class participation are
strongly encouraged, and parents can bring up
their concerns and ideas for practical and
relevant insights.

Empty Nest: Adults with Grown Children

Leaders: Russ and Rhonda Cantrell (Room 402)

This class uses the Lifeway study material
“Explore the Bible”. Open discussion encourages
members to apply the lessons learned while
supporting each other thru this tough transition.
B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers And Sisters In Christ)

Leader: Bob Broom (Room 401)

This class is for the young at heart, married or
single. This is an in-depth study of the Bible
using open discussion, where lively exchange
between members is fostered. We will go verse by verse through the Bible and have one foot in the ancient world and one foot in the modern. Our goals is to connect the Bible to where we live. We believe that
the Holy Spirit gives us insight each session. You
cannot be present in our class without feeling the
warmth of the Holy Spirit and the love and
support of other class members.

Happy Hearts: Primarily Seniors

Leaders: David Hine and Linda Davis (Worship Center)

Our informal question/answer format helps
everyone feel at ease. We explore various ideas
about how a verse can be interpreted, while always maintaining the core truths. Our text is the Gospel Project by Lifeway.

Preschool: Pre-K thru 1st Grade

Leader: Cynthia Martinez  (Room 202)

Our 3 main goals in this class are to teach the
children that God is our loving creator, speaks
through his Word (The Bible), and has a plan for
his people. We color, repeat Bible verses, do
crafts, and try to plant the seed of salvation in
their young hearts and minds.

Children's Class: Grades 2-5

Leader: Andrea Confer (Room 205)

We start class by posting our prayer requests on
our prayer wall. Before we dig into our lesson
we work on Bible skills that familiarize the
children with their Bibles. After our lesson we
follow up with a fun review activity or game.

Youth Class: Middle and High School

Leader: Greg Smith (Youth Building)

Our youth meet for Sunday school every week
after the Worship Service and have a variety of
lesson topics that engage at all levels of Bible
experience. Youth Invasion is Sunday evenings
from 6:00-7:30, and it involves study, games,
singing, and snacks. We take occasional day
trips, and during the summer we meet
Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30. We always
have lots of fun!

College and Careers: Adults from 18-30

Leader: Drew & Kara-Grace Ley (Room 403)

Our members may be married or single. This
class takes a book of the Bible and digs deep to
discover its relevance for our age group in
today’s world. Interaction and a lively dialog are
strongly encouraged.

Sunday School